4/4 (full size) Student Violin - unbranded

Name: 4/4 (full size) Student Violin - unbranded

I am an easy to hold and play full size violin for the right size beginner violinist.
I'd also be a great second violin for a more seasoned violinist who maybe wants to leave me at school or home so neither of us violins needs to travel.
My new bow still needs to be rosined and broken in but, I'm sure I will sound even better than with my old one. I miss it, but it needed rehairing (rehairing bows is low on the priority list for musical creatures).
Take me home and let's make beautiful music together!

Breed: 4/4 Violin
Pedigree: Mutt. Still, it would take a discerning eye and ear to tell the difference between me and a European Stradivarius copy (think Leon Aubert).
Age: 7-10 years
Weight: 1.3 lbs. 3 lbs with case.
Origin: Most likely China
Color: traditional brown with a high gloss varnish

I was most likely born in the violin version of a puppy mill in China and made it to the USA sometime after 2015 or so. Not a lot is known about my journey except that I was rescued in Wichita, KS in October of 2023 in pretty good shape for an almost 10 year old violin. All I needed was some cleaning, retuning, and a new bow and I am ready for adoption!

Adoption Fee: Adopted through the CheatFest Silent Auction 2024!!
Categories: Strings
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