Tanglewood F-Style Mandolin (model TWMF VS)

Name: Tanglewood F-Style Mandolin (model TWMF VS)

I am a model TWMF VS mandolin. That's a Tanglewood mandolin f-style with a vintage sunburst finish.

Breed: F-Style Mandolin
Pedigree: Tanglewood
Age: 25-29 yrs. old. Confirmed with Tanglewood that I was born in the late 1990's
Weight: approx. 4 lbs. without case
Origin: London, UK
Color: Vintage Sunburst

I was born in London, UK between 1995 and 1999. Tanglewood Guitars was founded in 1989. I was rescued from a private auction in Tennessee in 2016 and have lived at Musical creatures since then. My pickguard was added this year after a lot of research to find out what my original one looked like. We nailed it. I got new strings and setup about two months ago.

Adoption Fee: $220
Categories: Strings
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