Yamaha YHR-662 French Horn

Name: Yamaha YHR-662 French Horn

My name is Lindsay and I am a double French horn in F/Bb. I have been constructed with a one-piece brass bell stem, nickel silver inner and outer tubes, with 4 mechanical lever action rotor valves (Kruspe wrap). I still have near 100% of my lacquer finish (my previous owner took incredible care if me). I have my own mouthpiece and hard case. After arriving here at Musical Creatures, I got thorough maintenance and cleaning. My valves were oiled and slides greased. I am ready!
Model Number: YHR-662
Range / Series: Professional
Type: Double
Key: F/Bb
Year Introduced: 1974
Year Discontinued: 1974
Number of Valves: 4
Bore Size: 11.90mm (0.469")
Bell Size: 314.6mm (12 1/2")
Finish: Clear Lacquer
Remarks: Kruspe Wrap (data collected from yamahacollector.com)

Breed: Double French horn F/Bb
Pedigree: Yamaha, Japan
Age: I'm 50!
Weight: 16 lbs. 25 lbs with case
Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
Color: Brass Lacquer

I am the second model Double French horn manufactured by Yamaha. The first was the YHR- 661 in 1968. My sibling the YHR-663 and I were manufactured in 1974 only. I was rescued from Davenport, WA on May 20, 2021 and have been at Musical Creatures ever since. I am named after the first chair French horn in the Woburn High School Band (Woburn, MA) who in 1975 was very kind to the 14 year old version of the owner of Musical Creatures.

- Currently awaiting formal adoption on June 19

Adoption Fee: Right around $1000 due to pristine condition. Please send any inquiries through the contact page or text "ADOPT" to 240.401.2508
Categories: Brass
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