Selman 3/4 Baritone

Name: Selman 3/4 Baritone

Hello! My name is Rita and I am a ¾ baritone horn.
I am easily playable, lightweight but solid, and proven to be durable, given my age.
My nickel/chrome finish makes me as durable as I am beautiful . Have I mentioned that I am durable? Unlike a silver finish, you can leave me out of the case without fear of tarnishing.  No need to fear greasy fingers or valve oil drips. Everything wipes right off.
My size (3/4) makes me perfect for the elementary/middle school baritone newbie switching from trumpet.  My weight (12 pounds in the case) makes me easy to take back and forth to school and practice.  I’m also a great second horn to leave at home or at school.  I can be your only horn or a second or third horn (if you want to leave a horn at school or a session location).  I just want someone to adopt me that will try to play with me most days.

Breed: 3/4 Baritone Horn
Pedigree: Selman (Imported for Great Tunes LLC). Definitely Elkhart/Olds/Conn influenced.
Age: 12-16 years old
Weight: 5.5 pound w/o case, 12 pounds with case
Origin: China
Color: Nickel/Chrome

 I was manufactured in China sometime between 2007 and 2010 along with hundreds if not thousands of other brass and woodwind instruments to be sold by Great Tunes LLC under the brand name Selman (an obvious knock-off off of the Selmer name ). 
I am one of the very few Selman instruments to continue to be a player’s instrument, instead of becoming a parts donor or wall art. 
I was rescued from a Goodwill warehouse in Reading, PA.
My Medical History:
o   Swabbed valve casings
o   Replaced felts and corks (water valve cork replaced with silicon)
o   Greased tuning slides and caps
o   Oiled valves
o   Polished and sanitized mouthpiece
o   Epoxy repair to corner of case (see picture)

I am in playing condition I am ready for a new home.  Like all of us at Musical Creatures we just want to be loved, and that means being owned and played by someone.

Adoption Fee: $250
Categories: Brass
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