Soprani Inc. “Ravenna” Art Deco-Inspired Accordion

Name: Soprani Inc. “Ravenna” Art Deco-Inspired Accordion

First of all, I am absolutely gorgeous (if you like that Art Deco, sleek, symmetrical, streamlined, pleasing to the eye sort of thing). I am also humble. I am definitely vintage. I have mother of pearl keys and bindings. I sound great! My bellows is near perfect as are my grills. My straps are in excellent condition. I have my own case and instructional books (five of them). Listen to me here: View on YouTube.

Breed: 48 Bass Piano Accordion
Pedigree: Soprani Inc.
Age: Around 85 Years old.
Weight: 15 lbs. without the case
Origin: Castelfidardo, Italy.
Color: Black and white mother of pearl with rhinestones

I was born in Castelifardo, Italy in the early 1940s. I likely came into the USA through Boston or New York just after WWII. It is also likely ( based upon some research) that I spent some time in a Chicago music store in the 1950s. I got to Terra Alta, WV in early 2022 after being rescued from Portland, OR.

Adoption Fee: $300
Categories: Squeezebox
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