Selmer USA closed-hole flute (great for students)

Name: Selmer USA closed-hole flute (great for students)

Hi! My name is Jade (that's what it said on my case when I was rescued), but I will happily take any name you give me.
I am an easy-to-play student level (closed-hole) flute made of silver-plated brass. I have an off-set G for easy reach and a low-C foot. All of my pads are good throughout.
I was rescued with my original Selmer plastic case which has normal wear on the inside and scuffs on outside. The latches and handle operate normally
I'm really perfect for your first years as an aspiring flutist. I tune easily and am great for marching band, orchestra, or solo play.

Breed: Selmer USA
Pedigree: The best of Armstrong, Artley, and Bundy. Made in USA. One of the Conn-Selmer family
Age: Adolescent. Somewhere between 11 and 17 years
Weight: About 1.5 lbs. without case. Around 2.5 lbs. with original case
Origin: Either Ohio or Indiana (Selmer USA had 6 manufacturing sites across the two states in the early 2000's).
Color: Silver

I was born in Ohio or Indiana in the early 2000's. As best as we can tell, I received very little playing time and spent most time in lonely storage. I was ultimately rescued from New Haven Connecticut in November 2021 and re-located to Gaithersburg, MD for rehabilitation. I am currently in Terra Alta awaiting adoption

Adoption Fee: Adopted through the CheatFest Silent Auction 2024!!
Categories: Woodwind
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