Hohner Litter (Gedera, Israel)

Name: Hohner Litter (Gedera, Israel)

I found these Hohners in an online auction in Gedera, Israel in March of this year listed as, "An assortment of 3 vintage German musical instruments - Melodica + two harmonicas (mouth harmonicas)." The description followed as:
An assortment of 3 vintage German musical instruments made by Hohner, including: 1. Melodica - Soprano model, circa 1960s, in original green leather-like case, length: 35 cm, 2. 2 old harmonicas, one model Song Bank Model 1 Tremolo Tuning, no. 8211, and the other model Chromonika Mundharmonika, given in original boxes, working condition not tested. Width: 16 cm.

I have cleaned and tested each pice and they work perfectly.

These musical creatures were happy to speak for themselves, but I don't speak Hebrew, so...

Breed: Melodica, tremolo harmonica, Chromatic harmonica
Pedigree: M. Hohner, Germany
Age: Melodica 50-60 yrs old. Song Band and Chromonika 50-80 yrs old
Weight: each individually under 1 lb
Origin: Germany
Color: Melodica is classic green. Harmonicas are Chrome with dark maple

All were born in Germany. They were rescued from Gedera, Israel in March of 2024.

Adoption Fee: $150 for the litter. ~or~ $75 for the melodica, $30 for the Song Band, and $60 for the Chromonika II
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