CB Percussion Glockenspiel

Name: CB Percussion Glockenspiel

I am a solid 32-note (2.5 octave) glockenspiel with aluminum keys, 1 pair of hard mallets and an old-school hard case. While I can be hooked to a marching harness, it is pretty clear that I never have. I have been indoors and pampered my whole life.

Breed: 2.5 Octave Glockenspiel
Pedigree: CB Percussion, KMC brand
Age: between 20-30 years old based upon the case style
Weight: 5 lbs without case. 11 lbs with case
Origin: Taiwan ROC
Color: Aluminum keys and black frame

My parents are CB (C. Bruno) Percussion and Kaman Music Corporation. Together they are Kaman Musical Instrument Corporation with CB Percussion as one of the brands. I was definitely pampered my whole life. I was rescued from near Oshkosh, WI in January 2024 an the pampering has continued.

Adoption Fee: $70
Categories: Percussion
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