Introducing Musical Creatures Rescue and Adoption

Introducing Musical Creatures Rescue and Adoption

To those of you who have a furry/feathered/scaled friend in your life, you know the feeling: Love at first sight. To some of you with a musical instrument in their life (henceforth "musical creatures") or hoping to have a musical creature in their life, it can be a similar experience. Seeing that sax, mandolin, or accordion for the first time and then imagining all the possibilities; it's a magical moment.

All of the musical creatures that you will see have been rescued from attics, basements, closets, flea markets, estate sales and/or thrift stores. They have been rescued in various stages of disrepair. Some required extensive work and some, just a little TLC. Rest assured that when you adopt one of these fine musical creatures, they will be ready to play.

Each musical creature will come with as complete a history as possible in the form of "Adoption Papers" and an accompanying "Certificate of Adoption." A summary of work will also be included in the adoption papers.

The goal is to get these musical creatures adopted by people that will play them, not resell them. The hope is that each adoption involves some Q&A and some conversation. Adoption fees are set to cover the cost of rescue and repair parts with a little bit going towards the cost of website and business fees. The true profit is in the opportunity to have these musical creatures for awhile and to get them back into playing condition. That part really is a lot of fun.

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